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Environmental Portraits

You, your space and your passion.

People want to see you engaged in your passion project. That could be you hard at work, managing your business, training for your next marathon or laying on a paddle board with your dog. 


How dose it all work?


We'll set up either a face to face meeting or a phone call to talk out the important details of your shoot. Together we'll design an image that shows off your best qualities and fits into the parameters of any functions it needs to preform. 

Following our design meeting we will set up a shoot day with a loose schedule from setup to tear down. 

Shoot Day

On shoot day we'll set up our lights and make our photographs. At baseline budgeting three hours setup to teardown is a good place to start. Anything that changes that timeframe will be discussed during your design meeting. 

Your Pictures

You can expect to have proofs of your images within two weeks and final edited files within one week of getting your proofs. 


Pricing for environmental sessions start at $375.00

With each session being designed as a custom service to each customer that price could be lower or higher. Things that can affect the final cost of the session include bringing on additional staff, permits, or rental equipment. 


How do we get started?

All you have to do is fill out the form below or send an email to us at

Be as specific as possible when describing your ideas to us, not detail it soo small.

Don't have an idea for a final image in mind? No problem we'll design something together. 

Lets get started.

We'll be in touch soon!

Your idea is not too crazy. 
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