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What are you looking for?

Scrimshaw Media is the perfect choice for anyone who wants more than just a headshot. Our personal branding photography services are designed to capture your unique personality and style, while showcasing where you’re headed in life. Let us help you create the perfect image that represents who you truly are.


Our headshot portraits are a great way to showcase yourself in all the right ways. Our photographers work with a simple, clean approach to give you a cost-effective solution. We understand the importance of having a headshot photo, and our process ensures that you get the best possible results with the least disruption to your schedule. 

Personal Branding


Let us help you put your best face forward with our Personal Branding sessions. Our portrait sessions go beyond just a simple headshot; they aim to capture the essence of who you are and what you represent. Through our expert photography skills and artistic vision, we'll help you present yourself in the most confident and authentic way possible.

Environmental Branding Session

Want all the benefits of a branding session in your own space? Look no further than our Environmental Branding Session. Our team will bring the studio or just a camera to you, making the process of capturing your brand easier and more convenient than ever. We're experts at creating stunning images that truly reflect your business, so you can rest assured that your brand will look its best.

How do we get started?


Call, email, or message us on social media today to book your free consultation call. 

This consultation call helps us learn more about you and your individual needs. 


We'll discuss what session option fits your needs. Here you'll be able to share your vision for the project and ask questions.  If everything sounds good we'll schedule a shoot day. 


Photo day. We'll meet at our determined location either in studio of  in your space. 

We'll set up in our space for the session and create some amazing photos together. 


After our shoot day, please allow 1-2 weeks for post processing. Longer lead times may occur when using film. All post digital processing is handled in house. 


You'll receive an email with a link to an online gallery. From there you'll be able to download digital files, order prints (if applicable) and request further edits. 

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