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Pet Photography 
Pittsburgh PA

 At Scrimshaw Media great images aren't captured or snapped. They are designed and curated with intention.

We don't catch light, we hand carve it for you. 

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What a difference a professional makes!

Since I started my fencing club, I’d relied on my iphone8 and scraping photos off the internet to populate the pictures on our website. Initially I’d contacted Scrimshaw Media to take better staff head shots and product pictures. After that was done, I invited them to come out to one of our practices to take a photo shoot of us in combat and I’m very glad I did. The photos were phenomenal! Paul’s action shots are some of the best HEMA photography I’ve ever seen in my 9 years in the hobby. Our headshots are the envy of every club that sees them. And thanks to Scrimshaw Media, we now have Instagram and flier worthy photos. Thanks to their photography we went from looking like a bunch of amateurs to a legitimate organization. Our website, fliers, advertisements, and Instagram have never looked better and I couldn’t be happier!

Chris Shelton, Hilt and Helm Historic Fencing

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