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adorn (whalebone, ivory, shells, or other materials) with carved or colored designs.

"the scrimshawed jewelry and antique furniture on sale"

The name given to engravings done in bone or ivory by whalers in the 1700s. Beginning on whaling ships and surviving until the whaling ban on commercial whaling. Sailors carved scrimshaw into their knives, pipes, tools or discarded portions of bone.

Scrimshaw draft 1.JPG


Photography to me has always been a trade skill. Like carpentry it's all about measuring and cutting light to craft an image. What elevates it to an artform is painting with that light in a way that takes it beyond simply pressing a button.  


Choosing a photographer is hiring an artisan to lovingly craft images for you or your business. 

At Scrimshaw Media photography means more than recording . It means defining yourself and carving your own story. Like sailors adorning their belongings with carvings I want to give you the tools to carve yourself into your home, your workspace and your digital presence with my artwork.

Meet Your Photographer

Paul Wintruba is a photographer based just east of Pittsburgh, specializing in environmental portraiture. His aggressive and distilled aesthetic combines the heart of a photojournalist with the technical mindset of an artisan woodworker.

Graduating with a Bachelor of Arts from Robert Morris University in 2016, Paul won multiple awards through his time with the school's student newspaper. Paul went on to work as a freelance photojournalist before switching industries to pursue climbing as a career while working as a photographer intermittently. 


Paul founded Scrimshaw Media in 2023.  



More about Paul

When not photographing you, Paul enjoys spending his time  rock climbing, backpacking and working in his woodshop. He is usually accompanied by his two dogs Sydney and Frank. 

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