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 About Scrimshaw Media
Hi, I'm Paul and I'm a Photographer. 

We do personal and commercial pet photography in the Pittsburgh area. 

Scrimshaw Media is 10 years in the making. I've spent the last decade working on my relationship with photography and working in deferent markets within the photography industry. My personal passions fuel my professional work. It's important to me to help people grow their businesses, communicate their worth to their customers, celebrate their successes and recognize the people that stand by their side.

I graduated with a Bachelors of Arts from Robert Morris University in 2016 and won multiple awards through my time with the schools student run newspaper. I've been a lot of things since then. Journalist, carpenter, mason, artisan woodworker, custom picture framer, and semi-pro rock climber to name a few. Through all of those changes I've always held onto a camera and I have always been pulled back to photography as a craft.  I love photography not only from the creative outlet it provides me but from a passion for the trade skill it is.

My focus is providing stunning technical imagery to marketers, business owners and pet lovers in the Pittsburgh area.  My photographic approach has been favorably described as aggressive and distilled. ​I like powerful, dynamic imagery that elevates my subject and communicates their story to their audience. I love working with small businesses and highlighting what makes them stand out. 


If  I'm not working I'm either fencing , rock climbing, or hiking with my two dogs Sydney and Frank. You can read more about their contributions to Scrimshaw Media below.  

Keystone Press Award 

Second Place Feature Photo - 2015

Keystone Press Award
First Place, Best Portrait - 2016

Pinnacle Award

College Media Association
First Place, Feature Photo 2016

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Meet the Team

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